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RAK Friday is coming soon…Friday, November 27th! Help us transform Black Friday into RAK Friday by performing as many Random Acts of Kindness on November 27th! Every time you give a RAK make sure to post it to one of our social media pages: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rakfriday2014/ Twitter and Instagram: @RakFriday Recently Travis was interviewed by… Read More

November 22nd, 2014

rak friday 1

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

― Mother Teresa


RAK Friday 2014 is almost here! There has been some discussion recently with the team about our purpose and mission – and our reason for creating RAK Friday!

To be honest, the initial reason was in response to the negativity of Black Friday. Each year it seems to get worse. The crazy sales would start early Friday morning. Then in recent years they would begin at 12:01 Friday morning pulling employees away from their holiday in order to get into work. Now, a lot of sales blatantly start Thanksgiving day. And, we know it will just continue to push and push.

In addition to that, we all know the horror stories of people being crushed in door opening stampedes, the madness of navigating parking lots, and the fights over merchandise.

All for what?…

Holiday spirit?

So, the idea for RAK Friday came about to shift thought from crazy commercialism to acts of kindness.

Acts of Kindness…it kind of feels like the spirit of the holidays…doesn’t it?

So, the idea was born. Turn Black Friday into RAK Friday by encouraging people to commit 1,000 Random Acts of Kindness. 

Imagine the positive influence that occurs every time someone commits, receives, or witnesses a random act of kindness. Now, multiply that by 1,000.

Are we anti-Black Friday?

That is not why we exist! Our purpose is not what we are against – but what we are for!

We are Pro-Kindness!

So, no matter what you find yourself doing on November 28th…whether stuck in shopping traffic, waiting in long mall lines, or just spending time with family – what can you do in the name of kindness?

Jump on the Bandwagon!

The support we have received from people has been awesome!!!! Our little volunteer staff has been working hard to spread the word and contribute however we can. Author Ridley Pearson of the Kingdom Keepers has challenged his community to get involved with RAK Friday. And most recently, our new friends at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has gone all-in helping us promote the project. Check out their latest blog – and feel free to print our their flyer and notecards to distribute during RAK Friday.

rakfriday poster

rak cards

And, available SOON – our new friends at “Do Good. Be Happy” are making a Random Acts of Kindness t-shirt available to support the cause!


What are you going to do?

The goal of RAK Friday has always been simple! On November 28th, get out there and commit as many RAK’s as possible – and then get on our Facebook page and post what you did.

That’s it!

At the end of the day – can we reach 1,000 RAK’s?

I think we can – but it is up to you!

Please take the time to share this blog, share our Facebook page, and start planning your ideas for RAK Friday!


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