I have known James Leath for a few years now, and have always been blown away with his story, and how he ended up in his career path. James is authentic, interesting, and impactful. He just recently left IMG Academy as the Head of Leadership, and has started his own company called Unleash the Athlete.… Read More

The past few days I’ve been in a funk. My wife reminded me I went through the same thing a year ago…like almost exactly a year ago. Here is the proof! What the hell? For someone who teaches and preaches motivation, inspiration, and positivity – it is a hard space to be in when I… Read More

JaYson and I were meant to meet. You do your work, create relationships, stay true to your purpose, and you end up being connected to people who share your same passion for the world. JaYson is one of those guys! No, I am not misspelling his name with the big “Y,” that is intentional. I… Read More

It’s a typical soccer Saturday morning. Time to get to the game. The uniform is on. The water jug is filled. And your child is seat-belted in the backseat for the 30 minute ride to the field. Mom. Dad. You have your first major test of the morning. With the time you have on the… Read More

(Click here to listen on iTunes)   I am obsessed with successful cultures. I want to know what makes them tick. Why do they thrive? What is their motivation? Is there a special sauce? What makes Google so good? Why does Zappos zip? How in the world do the New Zealand All-Blacks continue to be so bad… Read More