Episode 92 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is all about RAK Friday 17! In this special podcast Travis gives you a recap of all the awesome Random Acts of Kindness performed and then posted from RAK Friday. You will also hear from 4 other participants across the country who took part in the RAK’s – and what… Read More

In this SPECIAL edition of The Weekly YAP – Travis shares inspiration and sad news from this year’s RAK Friday ’16 activities. The day took on much greater meaning with the sadness of Travis’ father-in-law passing away in the early morning hours of RAK Friday. Despite the loss, and in honor of a great man,… Read More

In Episode 53 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast – Travis takes some time to share his thoughts and views about the fallout from the Presidential Election. Not intended to be a political commentary, Travis instead focuses on the opportunity before us and what the election has revealed. As a country, are we ready to… Read More

  In Episode 18 of The Weekly YAP Travis talk about a subject he is really passionate about – Youth Sports! Travis is a Performance Specialist for a soccer club in Florida – and in this episode he speaks directly to parents and what they can do to have a better impact on their child’s… Read More

It’s a half-baked idea really. After this past year’s RAK Friday (2015) I decided that I didn’t want to let the momentum and energy fall away like it did for me last year. But how? I try to do random acts of kindness throughout the year, but I needed a commitment that would hold me… Read More