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September 22nd, 2014

(Photo from the Associated Press)


I think I am the last person to jump into the NFL conversation – am I too late?

Has the story died down yet?

Have we become distracted with another shiny story?

No. Really?

What’s happening in Ferguson?

Anyone else doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Seriously. The NFL is still the story?


So, here are the many things that frustrate me over this story. I need to be quick, I think I see something shinier and sexier right around the corner.

1) This is NOT a story about domestic abuse. 

Watching that elevator video was horrible. But let’s be clear, this was never a story about domestic abuse and how Ray Rice treats women. It is and always has been when it comes to big sports and big business (the same thing) – and that is cost analysis. If Ray Rice had been a practice squad player, or even a back-up, he would have been cut and out of a job on the night of the incident. It would have been a blurb of a story, nothing more. Baltimore would have asked themselves this question, “Is keeping this guy around worth the trouble that comes with this story?” The answer would have been a clear “no.”

The reason the whole league is in hot water right now is because not only did the Ravens practice this false cost analysis, so did the NFL. The NFL seems to have done it to a level of blatant dishonesty and attempting to bury the truth. Why? Because Ray Rice is a Superbowl Champion, one of the top rushers in the league, and it does not look good to have a poster boy suspended for domestic abuse.

The lies keep coming out and surfacing.… Read More