I have known James Leath for a few years now, and have always been blown away with his story, and how he ended up in his career path. James is authentic, interesting, and impactful. He just recently left IMG Academy as the Head of Leadership, and has started his own company called Unleash the Athlete.… Read More

If I have offended anyone this year…I am sorry.  “If?”  No. That’s not an apology.  I am sorry, but you need to understand…  “But?”  No. That’s not an apology either.  The pillars of power are shaking. The foundation of intimidation, fear, and shame are crumbling. The Great and Powerful Wizard (or small white man) behind… Read More

Recently I had breakfast with two of my closest friends and we talked about money. All three of us have been on interesting and challenging creative adventures over the past 10 years and have felt the struggle financially. This past year I made a commitment to myself to be more vulnerable and authentic. You may… Read More

It’s a typical soccer Saturday morning. Time to get to the game. The uniform is on. The water jug is filled. And your child is seat-belted in the backseat for the 30 minute ride to the field. Mom. Dad. You have your first major test of the morning. With the time you have on the… Read More

In Episode 86 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast – Travis interviews Erin Diehl, the CEO and Founder of Improve It. Erin has been a life-long performer who found improvisation and has turned it into a successful business of inspiring leaders and cultures – as well as giving philanthropically to the community. It is rare that Travis gets to… Read More