Recently I had breakfast with two of my closest friends and we talked about money. All three of us have been on interesting and challenging creative adventures over the past 10 years and have felt the struggle financially. This past year I made a commitment to myself to be more vulnerable and authentic. You may… Read More

DESCRIPTION We all get stuck! Stuck in our relationships. Stuck in our careers. Stuck with our health. Getting stuck is part of being human, but what is more important is how we respond when we do get stuck. Join Travis in September for Get UNSTUCK in 10 Days. Each day Travis will send out an e-mail… Read More

Did your dad change diapers? In Episode 76 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast – Travis has a fun and inspiring conversation with a long time friend and creator of GoDiyo. Perry is an animation storyteller who has become passionate about the topic of modern parenting especially when it comes to the role of the… Read More

Rick Tamlyn has been helping people with their personal and professional lives for over 20 years. He is the author of “Play Your Bigger Game”which he has shared all over the world, and he is the creator of the “It’s All Made Up” conference happening in New York June 8-11th.   In Episode 74 of… Read More

“Seeing is believing!” “Believing is seeing!” Which is it? Well, if you are a spritual person you probably grew up being taught that faith was not about “seeing” the evidence, but rather “believing” first. If you are more on the rational and human side you may have been taught not to “believe” something until you… Read More