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October 7th, 2014


So, tell me about yourself.

You’ve only got 30 seconds.



(I will wait for 30 seconds)

So, how did you do? Yeah, I know you didn’t do it.


The other day I got to work with a group of post-Grad baseball players. These are guys with aspirations of playing at NCAA Division I schools, and beyond! So, when I asked them the same question, the gave me the same response…


Most of you know this as your “elevator pitch!” Suppose you step into an elevator and find yourself with the exact person you want to work with/for. You have roughly the length of that elevator ride to leave a lasting impression.

What would you say?

For the students we ask them to picture themselves walking off the field after a game when they are confronted by a college coach. He congratulates them on their game, and then asks…

“Tell me about yourself.”

It seems simple enough, but why is it so hard? When I explained the exercise to the players and then asked for a volunteer to go first, no one got up.

Let me remind you. These are 18 and 19 year old competitive athletes accustomed to standing on the field in pressure situations and performing.

Yet, when asked to stand up in front of their teammates and talk about themselves…


Whether you are a high school student looking to get into your dream school, or applying for your dream job, or just meeting someone for the first time – do you know how to talk about yourself?

And what is the question below the question, “Tell me about yourself?”

As a coach or an employer, the real question is, “Can I trust you?”

Can I trust you to be a member of this team?
Can I trust you to get along with the other players?
Can I trust you to get back up when you’ve been knocked down?
Can I trust your character and work ethic?
Can I trust you with the $140,000 that equals the average college full-ride scholarship?

As a coach I don’t want to know how good you are? I have already seen that and watched you – or I wouldn’t be talking to you.

I want to know what is important to you. I want to know about your family. I want to know what interests you outside of sports. I want to know what inspires you. I want to know about a time you faced adversity and how you overcame it?

I want to know your YES! I want to know your WHY?… Read More