Recently I had breakfast with two of my closest friends and we talked about money. All three of us have been on interesting and challenging creative adventures over the past 10 years and have felt the struggle financially. This past year I made a commitment to myself to be more vulnerable and authentic. You may… Read More

It is not often Travis gets to sit down with other improvisers in the field of corporate work. In Episode 62 of The Weekly YAP, Travis talks with Improv Alive founder Julian Schrenzel. Julian left a successful corporate job in order to pursue his acting dream in NYC. He enjoyed a wide array of acting… Read More

In Episode 16 – Travis welcomes the other two members of The Jove Improvisation to talk about how each of them have tried to live the “yes, and” principles of improvisation in 2015! In this podcast, Travis also shares his goal of performing at least one Random Act of Kindness everyday in 2016. Click here to listen on iTunes… Read More

  This is The Weekly YAP with Travis Thomas. In Episode 6 Travis talks through the power of presence in sports, relationships, and performance – sharing insights on how to bring awareness and focus to every aspect of your life. Please SUBSCRIBE to The Weekly YAP – and always feel free to reach out to… Read More