“Travis Thomas was a tremendous asset to our YPO Leadership Summit.  His commitment to authenticity is tremendous.  Let Travis into your life and organization to ask the question “What excites me?”  Commit to fearing, failing and trying again because in the end, you should be who you love to be!”

– Reid M. Zeising, YPO Leadership Summit Chair

Purpose. Authenticity. Collaboration! Is this a strength for your organization? Imagine the greater profits and employee satisfaction that comes from cultivating this kind of environment! This is a Yes, And culture!

Successful businesses and great teams that sustain in the long-run are built on the foundation of great cultures. It is the culture that reinforces the purpose and values as a company grows and expands. Great cultures foster authenticity, trust, respect, and collaboration. Poor cultures reinforce fear, cynicism, and a lack of engagement. What does your current culture look like?

Live Yes, And is designed to reignite your culture! By focusing on individual and shared purpose, and fostering an environment of trust which leads to authenticity, then can you build a culture that promotes life-transforming collaboration. And what does that get you? Greater profits. A more engaged team, with less turnover. Greater creativity and Innovation. How does that sound?

Corporate Workshop/Keynote: The “Yes, And” Culture

Length: 60-120 minutes

In this interactive and entertaining session, Live Yes, And will use the principles of improvisation to teach the basics of a “Yes, And” Mindset with a focus on purpose, authenticity, and life-transforming collaboration. Your team will learn and understand the connection between having an individual and collective sense of purpose and the impact that has on overall performance. From there they will discover the tools and principles needed to create a dynamic team culture which leads to an environment of trust, respect, and innovation. 

The session will also cover these areas:

  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Building Empathy
  • Thriving Through Adversity
  • Leadership

Estimated Cost: $6,000

(Live Yes, And offers discounted rates to schools, clubs, and non-profit organizations)

Corporate Program: 30 Days of YES 101

Length: 30 Days

This is the program that started the “YES And…” movement back in 2012.

Once your team has experience Live Yes, And in person, what can you do to build off the momentum and turn it into a habit? Well, over 30 days, this online program will reinforce all of the ideas covered in the live training and allow your employees to dive deeper into the principles and tools for themselves.

What does transformation look like to you and your team? Is it achieving a goal you set for the new year…Becoming a better parent, athlete, spouse, leader, or friend…OR achieving a closer authentic connection to your individual purpose? Whatever your reason – 30 Days of YES: 101 will provide the opportunity, discipline, and framework for revealing your unlimited potential!

The program includes 30 activities over 30 days – all sent to you directly via e-mail. Over the 30 days you also receive a one-on-one coaching session with Travis.

Estimated Cost: TBD per team

Leadership Coaching: The Yes, And Mindset 

Length: 1 hr. Calls

Do you desire to be a better leader? Do you have talented individuals rich with potential, but are not performing to their best? 

Live Yes, And one-on-one coaching is designed to unlock the brilliance in you or your team. In these sessions we will get clear on goals and visions that inspire transformative action, while addressing and overcoming the fears and obstacles that get in the way.

Not only will this coaching improve overall leadership skills, but will also transform every aspect of your life.

Estimated Cost: $200 hr. or $500 for 3 sessions

“I cannot recommend Travis (and his coaching company “Live Yes, And”) highly enough! He is a dynamic, authentic, hilarious, powerful, touching, life-transforming speaker, coach, improv comedian and man! His coaching, deep listening and leavening humor have changed my life many times over. I turn to him for honest perspective, calming presence, and his ability to contextualize adversity into the powerful stuff of transformative growth.” –H. Barron