JaYson and I were meant to meet. You do your work, create relationships, stay true to your purpose, and you end up being connected to people who share your same passion for the world. JaYson is one of those guys! No, I am not misspelling his name with the big “Y,” that is intentional. I will let him explain that in the podcast.

JaYson played professional basketball for 13 years in numerous countries all over the world. Not bad for a kid from Cleveland who played college ball in Terre Haute, Indiana. Imagine spending 8 months each year in a new country, with new coaches and players, speaking a language that is not yours, and having to adapt to completely different cultures. Not exactly what they teach you in high school, college, or on the basketball court.

Once JaYson’s basketball days came to an abrupt end, the question became, “now what?” In Episode 93 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast, Travis and JaYson dive into that question, as well as looking at and appreciating the journey along the way. And of course, we get to hear why JaYson capitalizes the “Y” in his name.

Okay, it’s time for this week’s YAP!

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