It is my favorite time of the year, and this year it has special meaning because my beautiful mother is not here to celebrate with us (in person). Yes, Juju is here in spirit, and we know she is spreading the RAK in heaven!

Have you become a member of the RAK Friday Movement? If not, this is the year! We started RAK Friday 4 years ago as a way to transform the commercialism of “Black Friday” into “RAK Friday” by committing as many random acts of kindness as possible. Every year we have gotten a little bigger, and the word continues to spread.


Help us grow the movement by committing as many RAK’s as possible on Friday, November 24th. Our goal is 2,017 RAK’s committed and posted on social media using the hashtag: #RakFriday17

But, if you really want to help us spread the movement – pass on word to others! Get together with your friends and family, church group, sports team, or co-workers and plan a few hours of doing as many RAK’s as you can. This is what we have been doing the last few years with family and it has really become my favorite day of the year.

Here is the video for this year with more information…

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