Episode 88 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is here!

In this episode Travis talks with the Creator of Outlandish TV, Ricky Seaman, as well as his Producer and Cinematographer Mark Dearborn.

If you were to watch the news and make a list of all the places in the world deemed too dangerous to visit – these are the places Outlandish add to their “Too Visit” list!

Outlandish TV: Ignore all travel warnings. A new bizarre. We are a guerrilla style film crew traveling the world to get the stories of the people, bridging gaps, connecting humanity.

To date, Ricky has visited over 50 countries with little more than a passport, A spirit of adventure to understand different cultures, and a passion for authentic experiences.

Outlandish TV just posted Episode 1 of Season 2, which involved visiting Cite Soleil in Haiti, once labeled the most dangerous place in the world. In this interview Travis discusses with the two men their experience in Haiti, dealing with fear and uncertainty, and their passion and vision for what they do. This is a MUST LISTEN!

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And, if you just can’t wait to watch Season 2, Episode 1 – here it is below: