Tragedy in Las Vegas.  The aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  The NFL’s response to being called “S.O.B.’s!”  Oh yeah, North Korea. This is enough to summarize a lifetime of events for an entire Presidency, yet it only reflects the last few weeks.  This is not meant to be a political podcast. Yes, it… Read More

Episode 83 of The Weekly YAP is here! In Episode 83 Travis does another solocast talking about the idea of “Pull Together!” Inspired by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, and the opportunity for all of us to come together and pull together, Travis shares 4 inspiring ideas from four different sources that can be directly applied to your relationships,… Read More

It’s been awhile since the last The Weekly Yes, And Podcast. Too long. In that time there has been two major tragic hurricanes to hit the United States. Travis had the pleasure of being at home in south Florida for Hurricane Irma, coming just two short weeks after his mom passed away. Hurricanes come in… Read More

  Brace yourself teachers…the students are back! As you begin another school year filled with hope, creativity, and high expectations – you might want to know how the principles of improvisation can be the perfect addition to improving and inspiring your classroom environment. On stage, improvisation is all about fearless exploration, taking risks, embracing failure,… Read More

(Click here to listen on iTunes)   I am obsessed with successful cultures. I want to know what makes them tick. Why do they thrive? What is their motivation? Is there a special sauce? What makes Google so good? Why does Zappos zip? How in the world do the New Zealand All-Blacks continue to be so bad… Read More