In Episode 94 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast – Travis talks with Houston resident Tracie Jae about the creation of her card game “I’m Glad You Asked.” Tracie shares the inspiration behind the game, as well as the different ways others have used the game to build connection and conversation. Click here to find out more about Tracie… Read More

If I have offended anyone this year…I am sorry.  “If?”  No. That’s not an apology.  I am sorry, but you need to understand…  “But?”  No. That’s not an apology either.  The pillars of power are shaking. The foundation of intimidation, fear, and shame are crumbling. The Great and Powerful Wizard (or small white man) behind… Read More

JaYson and I were meant to meet. You do your work, create relationships, stay true to your purpose, and you end up being connected to people who share your same passion for the world. JaYson is one of those guys! No, I am not misspelling his name with the big “Y,” that is intentional. I… Read More

Episode 92 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is all about RAK Friday 17! In this special podcast Travis gives you a recap of all the awesome Random Acts of Kindness performed and then posted from RAK Friday. You will also hear from 4 other participants across the country who took part in the RAK’s – and what… Read More

Episode 91 of The Weekly Yes, And Podcast is inspiring, authentic, and vulnerable .Travis sits down with Jupiter, FL entrepreneur Drew Thompson of Rock Steady Juice Joint. Travis met Drew a few years back and has been trying to make an interview happen ever since. And finally, they made it work! Drew grew up with… Read More