It’s been 8 years since my wife and I lived in Boston, but here I am today, walking the same streets that were the center of my life for those few years. The street of YES. Looking down a corridor to Belvidere Street, a memory flashed in my mind. There, along the street between the… Read More

What does your YES look like? It is easy to get caught up in thinking that we need to have millions before we can “pay it forward.” We know better, but we still fool ourselves into thinking there are other things more pressing in our life. Stop. Pause. What can you do today to have… Read More

Haven’t you always heard the complaint, “Why doesn’t the news ever cover stories about good events?” Then someone chimes in, “Because if it bleeds, it leads!” And then we all nod our heads, and assume it’s the “other” people who care about this stuff, not us. Well, maybe the “other” people are just as interested… Read More

I’ll admit, I am caught up in the “Lin-sanity.” How can’t you? It’s the feel-good story in sports right now, with so many layers just about anyone can connect with. The underdog… Doesn’t fit the mold of what an NBA player “looks like” Undrafted Cut by multiple teams Playing for the biggest sports town in the… Read More

Hey everyone, I heard this analogy the other day, so I had to share it with you. A coach shared an experiment that has been documented and proven numerous times. We all know what amazing jumpers fleas are. For their body size, they can jump half-way across the room. Their capacity is almost limitless. Unless…… Read More