When I was 25 I took my first improv class – and it changed my life. For the past 17 years I have been working with companies and teams inspiring them to see how the power of a “yes, and” mindset transforms individuals and teams! It changed my life, and it can do the same for you!

My experience and clients include Fortune 500 companies, students of all ages, and a list of collegiate and professional athletes.

“Why” YES And…?

Any beginning improviser will tell you that the concept of “yes, and” is the basis and foundation of improvisation.

For the past 17 years I have tried to embody and live a life of “YES, And.”

Live YES And…is me. This is my passion. This is my life!

When I took my first improvisation class back in 1998 I was hooked. I had always wanted to try improvisation, but never had the time (or courage) to make it priority. But there I was, in a new city watching these amazingly talented performers create stories out of thin air, and I knew…I had to do that!

For the next year and a half I worked my way through the training center and eventually auditioned and got cast in the Improv Asylum Touring Company. After almost two years I was invited into the Improv Asylum NET Cast, and then less than a year later I was asked to join the Improv Asylum Main Stage Cast. 

During this time I still had my day job in Boston. I was a 9 to 5 guy during the day, and a “fly by the seat of my pants” improviser in the evening. They seemed like two totally different worlds, but they weren’t. Even after taking my first improv class the thought came to me, “Why are the principles for creating good improvisation any different than the principles needed to create dynamic teams?”

The answer: THEY’RE NOT! 

I knew this in my heart, but how was I going to show the rest of the world? That part took a little time.

In the 17 years since that first improv class my life journey has taken me into corporate training and coaching, personal development, working in education and youth mentoring, as well as performance coaching for youth, collegiate, and professional athletes.

The path didn’t always make sense at the time, but it allowed me to take these principles and test them in many different arenas. And the result, there is no difference from one area to the next.

The principles for improvisation are the principles of life.

It is about having purpose, creating authentic and trusting relationships, which allow for life-transforming collaboration. 

That is what I have learned. That is what I have tested. And I know the same will apply to you, your team, and your organization.

Are you ready to say “yes, and!”

“What” does “YES And” actually mean?

In the world of improvisation – this is what “yes, and” means.

“Yes” means accepting whatever information is being given to you.

“And” is how you respond to the idea and build on to it. The “and” is collaborating with reality.

This was a huge “Aha” moment for me. If this is how improvisation works on stage – what about the real world?

Most of us live life in denial of what is happening. We turn away from the facts – essentially saying “no” to reality. For many of us this leads to a life unfulfilled and lived in fear.

Living YES, And is about accepting and embracing everything that is happening in your experience – even the bad stuff!

Why? Because good or bad, the only way to move forward is by facing it and moving through it. Whether we choose to make it good or bad, blissful or painful, a long or short process is entirely up to us.

We are born knowing how to live “YES, And,” but learn to say NO.

“No.” It plagues billions of lives on the planet and is the reason for every life of discontent. It has become the default mindset for most organizations, companies, and teams, as well as the foundation for most relationships.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Live YES And exists to show and prove there is a different and better way – a way that is already in each of us!

Come on…it’s time to say Yes, And!


I love speaking! I am at my best when bringing my unique and dynamic message to the stage. I use my experience as an improviser and life coach to engage any audience with inspiring, comedic, and interactive presentations.

I was a reoccurring speaker on the en*theos Optimal Living Academy and have been a featured presenter twice at the John O’Leary LAUNCH Leadership Conferences. I was recently a featured guest on John’s top-rated podcast. 

My love of the stage and experience working with all ages allows me to craft a message to any type of audience.

Performance Coach & Trainer

I love helping people! For nearly 10 years I have worked with individuals and teams helping them uncover and live their authentic purpose while achieving their highest potential. I am a former student of the Educare Unlearning Institute and still serve as an assistant coach for many Educare programs. I also continue to work with Worldblu – an organization dedicated to developing freedom-centered leaders and organizations around the world.

In 2012 I created a series of online programs called 30 Days of YES inspiring hundreds of people to discover and live with more authenticity. 

Most recently I served as a Leadership Specialist at the IMG Academy in Florida inspiring amateur and professional athletes while helping them develop their mental, leadership, and life skills.


I am blessed to have been a professional improvisational comedian for over 15 years starting at the famed Improv Asylum theater in Boston, MA. Just over 12 years ago I co-founded The Jove Improvisation with Frank Licari and Jesse Furman in Palm Beach, Florida. I have performed hundreds of shows across the US as well as serving as host and emcee for numerous international conferences and symposiums.

Off-stage I have trained dozens of organizations on the principles of improvisation and how developing a “YES And” mindset will help create an engaged, creative, collaborative, and healthier workplace culture.

Live YES And is the convergence of these three passions. Whether you are looking for personal or group coaching, an inspiring public speaker, or help bringing the principles of improvisation into your workplace culture – I can create a program or presentation specifically for your needs.

“Travis Thomas was an absolute pleasure to work with – he was reliable, accommodating, and went above and beyond to tailor his presentation to our audience of CEOs from a wide range of industries and their key staff! His presentation was engaging from start to finish and incorporated audience participation, creating an unforgettable experience that guests are still raving about!” —Michelle Livingston, YPO St. Louis Organizer